Saturday, August 24, 2013

Who Is It That Inspires You the Most?

“To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

People often ask me, "Who is it that inspires you the most...?"

And though, I rattle off a dozen or so names, they are never quite so interested ~ as these are the names of those who are never known.

Such as, the old man who puffed his pipe in cadence with my each and ever tearful word ~ sacrificing those few precious hours of his last days here, and only to provide my heart a little shelter.

Or, my darling children who have so bravely walked this path with me without ever once letting loose their grasp on Hope's billowing sleeves.

And, not even my dearest friend who has time and time again reached out his hand and in order to help me up from my latest life stumble.

No, my dears,  this simply won't do at all ~ as these are the ones that are not ever known...those few names, that are forever etched to my soul.

And, if I have not mentioned yet this day ~ my friends, I count each of you most dearly among these such heroes...of those, the names not ever known...

We are all meant to inspire my dears, and it's not always through such bold acts of being ~ rather, it's those moments in between that end up mattering the most.

So, if I may now ask of you my dears...who is it that inspires you the most...?

Also, I would like very much for you to meet Alice ~ I pray that we may all live to use our light in just this way.

Thank you, Alice ~ and thank you to all of those 'other names'...

Much love, and namaste...