Monday, August 12, 2013

Flecks of Stardust.

“We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust.” ― Rumi (Photo by Philippe le Tellier, 1961)
When I was a little girl, I used to spin for hours on end and just enough to feel the room continue on a bit without me.

In those days, I had no worries... no real fears, save for the ghastly boogeyman under the bed. But, I was always assured that the boogeyman had no taste for little girl toes hanging over the edge.

Those were the days, when fears were very much the byproduct of a wildly overactive and vastly unbridled imagination. 

And, when our fears could be forever washed away, just as simply as the tears my Mother wiped away from my cheeks.  

Yes, these were the days, indeed ~ when being small wasn't such a bad thing, after all...and twirling about could cause us to feel so completely limitless.

Namaste, my most beautiful friends ~ may we always and forever hold dear this energy of our twirling spirits.