Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Fences We Keep.

“Even 'paradise' could become a prison if one had enough time to take notice of the walls.” ~ Morgan Rhodes 

I saw the most beautiful of little boys today, standing off and alongside a wooded path ~ the path that marked so very clearly, where he believed his personal 'sidewalk' ended.

And as he stood looking so longingly at the 'other boys' at play ~ I knew at once what was in his heart, the sadness of not being welcomed here.

You see, in this particular snootied up neighborhood, the residents all felt so urgently compelled ~ to keep "their" playgrounds, and the little ones within very clearly away from our 'outsider" troubles.

"That's quite a playground," I leaned in to say...

"Yeah, but I'm not allowed" his little voiced returned.

"Hmm..." I said, as I thought for a while, "well, it's certainly a shame those boys are all locked up in there, that they'll never know the joy playing here on the outside."

And, just like that...this little boy whose sad sullen look would have stopped even the most miserable of misers in their place...this little boy looked up just long enough, to let curiosity slip into dejection's place.

"Well," I leaned in, with a knowing smile in my heart,  "just look over there - that tree is just waiting for a little boy to come climb it.  And just a piece down the ways there's a wooden bridge where the "other boys" fish. And, well... if you're just lucky enough, and with the right stillness of heart you'll see...a magnificent buck easily twice the size of you and me."

And as I watched that sulk slip gently to smile, I could see his heart lift as my simple words settled in.

I believe that's the moment he finally realized, that...those other boys weren't so lucky at all. I mean, who could be lucky being trapped by a wall?

So, my dears, this morning a little message from my heart to yours ~ may we always be mindful of those fences we build... and ever careful of what we are truly keeping in.

Namaste, and much love my most beautiful friends ~ I am sending healing thoughts to each and all and every single one of you on this... most amazing day.