Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Emotion That Heals You.

“The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it...” ~ Nicholas Sparks 
I was feeling a bit unsettled the other day ~ a mixture of general fussiness and this insatiable need to be so fully understood.

People are often surprised when they hear me confess to just this, that little bit of humanness that connects us all from time to time.

My dears, in life, we all feel such great emotions ~ that carry with it a swelling fear of disconnectedness.

In some ways, I believe we've fallen into this belief, this fabrication of 'self help' ~ that feeling emotions isn't at all good for our spirits.

So we avoid...we digress...we squash down, we squelch, and we find another way.

But, in the end...how does this serve us?

How does it make us whole by running away?

My dears, when you feel such great unsettledness... don't be so quick to toss is aside. Instead, shine your brightest of lights, and gaze into this...your 'mirror like wisdom.'

Your emotions are very real, my dears ~ avoiding this doesn't make it any less so.

And, as unsettling as it may at times feel, know this ~ that there's nothing at all wrong with feeling this way, at all. Rather, instead...it's the negative actions that may come about from our churning that invite a space for all this trouble to begin.


Because, reactions can serve as our exit ~ an instantaneous relief to that all-consuming tidal wave of energy. It's our way out and around this uncomfortable messiness. But the salve only soothes, it doesn't ever solve ~ that which is left in our heart to remain.

So, sit with it for just a short while ~ move a little closer in. In doing so, you may find the greatest of lessons ~ that everything, even this, is workable.

But, doesn't it seem at times, impossible to let go of these stories we create?

The, "he did this awful thing to me"s....or the, "my goodness, what a jerk!"s...

Or, far worse yet...

"In feeling this, I am such a bad person"s. 

Sometimes the stories we create can become much bigger that the original issue - so big, that there is no space left for compassion to grow.

My dears, there is nothing here to fix. So, stop this struggle and let those tired old stories go.

Open up, just for this moment here, to breathe ~ because, in doing so we are able to create a foundation of love for ourselves and for others.

And, that my dears ~ is the space where our shared humanity is born.

My most beautiful friends, there is nothing here to fix ~ and this emotion you fear, might just be the very one that heals you.

Much love, and namaste ~