Thursday, August 1, 2013

How Purpose Gives Inspiration His Wings.


“Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly.”
~ Neil Gaiman

My dears, it seems my friend Inspiration has found me once again ~ arriving, as always, so very inconveniently...and in the earliest hours of my early morning.

And, as always, I welcomed my friend with open arms ~ eager to hear the stories of this, his most recent adventure.

"My most beautiful friend, my dear..." he started, "I've come upon a most magnificent idea for us to share."

Our talks always begin in this way, sitting graciously over a pot of freshly brewed decaf, and hearing, once again, this reminder of why we are both still very much here....

For you see, Inspiration must always have purpose ~ because, purpose is what gives Inspiration his flight.

I have always believed it to be my purpose to share love with this world ~ to introduce hope to even the most unobliging of hearts and to shed light on paths which are still, as of yet, largely undiscovered.

And yet, even I find benefit from this most gentle reminder ~ particularly, on those days when the task at hand seems so very overwhelming.

My dears, it's our Purpose that keeps us  here ~ carrying us through, even the greatest of doubts and fears...

And, it's purpose that will always give Inspiration his wings.

Namaste, and much love this day ~ and my dears, keep posted as I shall soon have most magnificent news to share.