Sunday, August 4, 2013

We Are All Explorers Here.

“There are several other sources of enjoyment in a long voyage, which are of a more reasonable nature. The map of the world ceases to be a blank; it becomes a picture full of the most varied and animated figures. Each part assumes its proper dimensions: continents are not looked at in the light of islands, or islands considered as mere specks, which are, in truth, larger than many kingdoms of Europe. Africa, or North and South America, are well-sounding names, and easily pronounced; but it is not until having sailed for weeks along small portions of their shores, that one is thoroughly convinced what vast spaces on our immense world these names imply.” 
~ Charles Darwin, Voyage of the Beagle

Each day that I wake up to greet this world, I am so very grateful.

You see, this past year has been filled in part with some challenges, the sort of life events that greet us when least expected.

And always, leaving us in a most profound and spiritual of 'wondering why's...

We spend days, weeks, and sometimes months ~ seeking out the cause of all that has already been.

And in doing so, we often lose focus of those moments that have even yet to begin.

And then, one day Perspective finds us ~ and in that moment, our purpose becomes clear once again.

This morning, I caught Perspective peeking out at me ~ from the most tucked away place on the dustiest of book shelves...and smiling at me from this pile of well worn, mapped pages...a reminder of all the most beautiful places I have been.

My dears, sometimes it can seem that we spend so much time thinking of the 'storm' ~ so very fearful of losing our 'course' that we break away from this explorer that is inherently within...

We lose sight of those magnificent shores waiting to greet us, and the many adventures that are awaiting us there...

My dears, my most beautiful friends, this is the purpose of our being ~ to embrace life as fearless explorers...

And to be always open to the possibility of discovery.

My dears, we simply can not ever know in this moment now ~ what awaits us when perspective finally settles in.

Namaste, and much love this day.

And may we all embrace this life as a most wonderful adventure ~