Thursday, August 29, 2013

Finding Joy's Smile Through an Open Window.

“Smiling is the way the soul says hello.
”  ~ Jarod Kintz,
I stop off for a decaf every morning and always on my way into work.

And, not at all because I want or even so much as need it, you see...but rather, more so because the coffee here is delivered always with the happiest of songs.

"Good morning, my dear..." he smiles, and leaning in...this most beautiful morning 'melody' begins.

And, I grin, as I listen in...just knowing the fullness these few simple notes may bring... 

For you see, Joy's smile has always been right here, my dears... peeking back to us through the space of this small open window.

Much love, and namaste my most beautiful friends ~ and may we all look to the smiles that visit us each day...