Friday, June 21, 2013

Walking Through Fear's Door.

"Fear is like being invited to a party by a complete stranger to celebrate the life of someone you've never met, when you had other plans.

Should you choose to attend, however irrational it may surely seem, upon presenting your invitation at the gate you'd notice that it was in your own handwriting. Then you'd be warmly greeted by the most wonderful, familiar faces - everyone so excited, like you, because, it turns out, you're about to meet the person you've always dreamed you'd one day become"
I received this quote to my inbox this morning. You know, I have been quite blessed in my life, that these messages seem always to find their way to me ~ and invariably at just that 'most perfect moment, now.'

There is an unfamiliar awkwardness associated with our fears, one generated from own swirl of racing thoughts. It's just these thoughts that fuel fear's image, causing us to cower and shrink before something that is, as of yet, unexplored.

We recoil before we ever really know.

Facing fear is much like standing on the front porch of a stranger's we are left wondering what to expect once we find our way through.

But, it's the getting through that can sometimes become the very best part of all... as it introduces us to that person we had most hoped to become.

Namaste my most beautiful friends...and here's to the brilliance of this, most beautiful brand new day.