Saturday, June 22, 2013

Coming Clean Means Never Closing Curtains, I Just Change My Scene.

"Coming clean means never closing curtains I just change my scene" ~ Brandi Carlile, I Will
One of my new favorite songs, and one that simply resonates with me. It's a very powerful song, about a young woman who realizes one day that she must place her faith in the now, and not in the 'what might have been.'

We all have that one moment, when we slip into this comfort of no longer needing, because this need has been filled through other means.

It gets filled by changing the way we look and we see

"I can try and I wont find it where I'm looking
I can hold it till its putty in my hands
You cant break a heart that wasn't even yours to break
You can never be there for me in the end
But I will do the right thing I will, I will, I will..."
For all of us, who have always done the right thing in the end.

Namaste, and much love this day.