Monday, June 24, 2013

The Difference Between Heaven and Hell.

“Give freely to the world these gifts of love and compassion. Do not concern yourself with how much you receive in return, just know in your heart it will be returned.” ― Steve Maraboli

I work with storytellers.

Great men and woman, who through the course of their lives have stitched together the fabric of a many, most wonder-filled and fanciful tales.

And, each day that I have the blessing to share in their wisdom, I find myself much like a small child - leaning forward with great anticipation of the story they are about to tell.

And always, I am most eager to share with you here.

Today, the story was of a Lithuanian Rabbi - and his vision of both heaven and hell.

In his first vision, the Rabbi traveled to the depths of hell.  And, upon his arrival, saw a great table set before him ~ overflowing with an abundance of food and of wine. But around the table sat men, gaunt from their 'wanting' and emaciating from 'not having enough.'

And when this young Rabbi looked closer still, he could see - that these men were unable to eat, as both arms were splinted with wooden slats so they could not bend either elbow to bring the food to his mouth.

In his second vision, the Rabbi traveled to heaven. And, when he arrived he saw this very same table set before him - overflowing with an abundance of food, and of drink. Only, in this case, the faces of those surrounding him were contented and swathed in a vibrant glow of life and of living.

And, when the young Rabbi looked closer still he was stunned - as in this case, their arms were slatted as well.

But, there was just one simple difference.

As the Rabbi looked down towards the end of the table he witnessed the most miraculous of things - a young man, with arms locked, reaching forward to feed another.

For you see, when it is that we are able to focus on the needs of others - only then, are we ever truly fulfilled.

And, in the end - the difference between heaven and hell is you.

Namaste, and much love this day.