Wednesday, June 12, 2013

From, Kate ~ The Magical Gift of Her Words. ("We Make Our Own Wings", from elephant journal)

I was feeling rather overwhelmed this evening. You see, life broke my heart wide open - and for a moment, I lost my faith.

I have a challenge ahead of me, but now I know - nothing in this life is ever too big to handle.

So long as we are able to stand with our toe at the edge, and leap...eventually, we all learn to fly.

Tonight, I received the gift of my wings ~ and no matter what, I know I will be alright.

Life cracked me wide open today ~ oh, but just look what I found on my inside.

Thank you, Kate ~ I love you.

I will be taking just a couple of days here and there to myself - as I have a few things I need to get settled in my world.



We Make Our Own Wings.

For Tara, who forgot for a moment about her wings.

Some days weigh us down.

Some days, you feel an ache in that spot in your back where there could be wings and instead there’s the weight of the world, the weight of your world, the weight of waiting… Some days it’s just too much. After too many times of trying and failing, loving and falling, being broken by life until we’re a million pieces, it seems too hard. We don’t think we have what it takes. We start to fear we’ll never fly.

But the wings we need can’t be bought in stores. No one else can give them to us (and no one can take them from us).

We make our own wings around here.

We’ve stepped to the edge and looked down.

We’ve taken all our bits of dreams, duct tape and chicken wire;

Scribbles in margins, late night scheming and the fear in the pit of our stomachs;

Sweat, tears and feathers lovely blackbirds left behind

And put them all together

To make our own wings.

We’ve stopped waiting for permission

And instead, we wrote our own ticket.

(Because that’s what we do in these parts.)

Stay on our toes, tip-toed at the edge

With half-broken, rigged together wings

We’ve made ourselves.