Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Littlest Superheroes - Your Big Smile for the Day.


 Do you remember those days (some many years ago) when simply tying a towel around your shoulders would leave you with a feeling of limitless power and invincibility? That would help you to believe with one swooshy flip of that cape, you could take on any adversary in this world?

Capes, even those which were hand fashioned from our Mother's best beach towels, seemed to have woven in their fibers the magic of possibility.

Meet Robyn Rosenberger who has worked selflessly to create this feeling for over 500 children who are currently fighting life-limiting illness and disability. And though, they may seem to be just one small swath of fabric - to these tiny superheroes, they represent hope and belief.

To read more about Robyn or the many Superheros she has helped, you may visit her at her website here.

I love stories just like this, where one person identifies and need and without hesitation works to improve it.

Namaste, Robyn...and much love this day.