Friday, June 28, 2013

Paying it Forward With a Simple Cup of Coffee.

“There is no wrong way to perform an act of kindness.”  ― Catherine Ryan Hyde, Pay It Forward 
Some things we take for granted ~ like that first cup of decaf that we hold thoughtfully in our hands as we make ready for another, brand new day.

We don't often think about those who'll go without. Coffee is coffee, after all...right?

But it's just these small comforts that bring warmth to our heart and spirit; that one little thing that no matter what, we will be alright.

And now, coffee shops all over the world are offering a 'suspended coffee' - in which, when you buy yourself a can also buy a cup for someone else. The purchase goes into an account, and can be claimed by anyone and at anytime they need a little love. And in doing so, not only does it allow coffee patrons to exercise a little early morning generosity...but, it also builds a much needed sense of community by 'creating a shared experience between those who can afford the luxury of a good cup of Joe and those who cannot." So, on your way home today ~ why not stop off at your favorite coffee shop, and ask them if they are participating in this program. And if they are, remember...a few extra dollars in your pocket can't help much at all, if you don't bring it out occasionally to share a little love.

Video: Suspended Coffee