Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Little 'Flower' Girl.

There was a knock, again, at my door today.

And as I looked out, I could see her standing there...sniffling, and all kinds of 'little girl' shaken.

"What's wrong, my little one?" as I knelt closer to hear.

And as she sniffled her way through each gaspy breath, she replied, "That boy...called...me ugly."

Oh, that last word just made me cringe ~ as 'ugly', is one of my least favorite words of all.

You know, I have always explained to the little girls in my neighborhood ~ that flowers bring out a girl's 'inside, most innermost' beauty.

So, I took this little one by the hand and led her out to the best part of my garden.

"Do you remember what I once told you," I leaned in and asked, grabbing the most beautiful bloom from my Hydrangea bush.

"Flowers make you beautiful," she knodded and softly answered.

"Yes, that's right...flowers make you beautiful—and, all the way from your insides and down to your toes. There's not even a hint of ugly anywhere inside of you."

And, oh how she smiled—looking into these blooms. I could tell just from the glint in her eyes—that her faith had been restored.

She raced off with bouquet in hands, finding her way back to that little boy—where she pulled her shoulders back proudly, and smiled...

"Flowers...make...you...BEAUTIFUL..." she screeched, thrashing him about the head with her bouquet of hand picked blooms.

Yep, I don't suspect ugly will be coming around here again, soon.

Namaste, my most beautiful friends...and remember, 'flowers...make...you...BEAUTIFUL!"