Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Am Here Because I Care.

Rachel Corrie was a 23-year-old American peace activist from Olympia, Washington, who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer on 16 March 2003, while undertaking nonviolent direct action to protect the home of a Palestinian family from demolition.

Her passion and actions inspired a worldwide outpouring of mindfulness and compassion—resulting in the founding of the The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace & Justice. This foundation encourages the worldwide pursuit and preservation of human rights, social, economic, and environmental issues.

Her vision was that of one world, guided compassionately in peace.

I'm hopeful today we may honor her memory by our own conscious decision to lead each of our days with an open heart and helping hand.

Because this world...so desperately needs us. And we are also here because we care.
I’m here for other children.
I’m here because I care.
I’m here because children everywhere are suffering and because forty thousand people die each day from hunger.
I’m here because those people are mostly children.
We have got to understand that the poor are all around us and we are ignoring them.
We have got to understand that these deaths are preventable.
We have got to understand that people in third world countries think and care and smile and cry just like us.
We have got to understand that they dream our dreams and we dream theirs.
We have got to understand that they are us. We are them.
My dream is to stop hunger by the year 2000.
My dream is to give the poor a chance.
My dream is to save the 40,000 people who die each day.
My dream can and will come true if we all look into the future and see the light that shines there.
If we ignore hunger, that light will go out.
If we all help and work together, it will grow and burn free with the potential of tomorrow.”
Rachel Corrie, Age 10