Sunday, June 9, 2013

The "Belle" of My Garden.

“She was so Southern that she cried tears that came straight from the Mississippi, and she always smelled faintly of cottonwood and peaches.” ― Sarah Addison Allen, Garden Spells
Just look what was waiting for me this morning—the very first super-uber hot pepper of the season. You see, last year's crop didn't do quite so, I have been experimenting with hydro-gardening. 

This year, my beautiful plants have been dangling their roots in a nutrient rich water—which they seem to much rather prefer than being stuck in the cold dirt all day. 

I tried to explain once that this dirt was spectacular, but they would have nothing to do with this, at all.

I guess, this is just my luck for growing "Southern-Belle" know, there's really no pleasing them, after all.

Namaste, my most beautiful friends ~ may the blessings of this earth find you smiling this day!