Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Old Country Roses.

A little girl stopped today to admire my old country roses.

The blooms are bursting out from every single branch with just a little space available. It's branches weighed heavy struggle to present its masterpiece - while the fragrance of old country fills the air.

As the mother tugged the little one's hand she pulled back in protest.

The mother smiling whispered something, I could not they disappeared down the side walk path.

As I was scanning over my morning edits, and enjoying my first sip of decaf - I saw the mother and daughter return from the view of my side room window.

There she was, that littlest angel, and wearing her "Sunday best"- while mother positioned her against the roses to capture the smile those roses sent.

A single rose has such incredible 'capacity'

Namaste, my most beautiful friends - I hope you, too, find your rose today.