Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sitting in Love's Judgement.

"Love is the absence of judgment.” ~ Dalai Lama XIV
 There was a time not so long ago, that I had sworn off love for the remainder of this life on earth. 

I had been hurt by love, in a way that felt was so forever, never-ending.

"I only love you 60 percent today," he would snarl with a twisted smile on his face.

Those are the words that are often never ending - inflicting the deepest wounds on that unprotected part of our spirit.

And we are never once again, the same.

But still, our spirit remains...and it aches for that which is most needs.

Love wasn't easy for me, in those days...I had to 'work for it.' And each day, I walked away in the shadow of 'never feeling quite good enough' and cowering in the corner of 'my being alone.'

And then, one day I realized....true love never judges...because, true love is what sets our spirits free.

Namaste, my most beautiful friends ~ and here's to love's freedom this day.