Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Dear Friend Limitless.

I'm really proud of myself this beautiful morning, as I have accomplished something that I have never done...not once before.

I don't often get to use those words these days, to say "I am proud of myself" is a hard thing to do.

I suppose I've slipped into this habit ~ of allowing my limitations to define my role in this world. In everything I do, as I I I breathe...I have been always 'mindful' of what I can and can not do.

When we experience the awfully very physically side of this life and of living ~ whether through illness, or simply by way of just growing older...we begin to see ourselves through a different 'view.'

Last night, and as I struggled to keep mind, body, and soul fully 'functional' - and just as those tears were starting to form...a most brilliant peace washed over me in the form of one simple word....


I thought back to my childhood racing through those woods, knees torn and fingers caked with the dirt of that day...and into the setting sun, and well past the mosquito's 'feasting hour' I ran... I ran and ran and ran...until my spirit breathed that final, "yes!"

Because, in those days, my dears... I was limitless.

And so, last night as I fumbled my way through these late evening doings ~ and just as my mind prepared that god-awful, "you mustn't push yourself, dear" speech...I heard that sweet, soulful word...


My dears, our limitlessness is our power....our source...and our whole reason for being....

As travelers...explorers and fearless life adventurers...we must never lose faith in our limitlessness...

And it can't be constrained by our notions of self...because, my dears, limitless just simple is. 

Namaste, and all of my most beautiful friends...and please welcome, my old friend, "limitless."