Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Little Something About Following Our Dreams.

{be you}
“We may place blame, give reasons, and even have excuses; but in the end, it is an act of cowardice to not follow your dreams.” ~ Steve Maraboli
My dears, today is a most special day - and one I wish most to share with all of you.

For you see, today is the day I shall be moving past these crossroads right here, and onward through adventure's greatest door.

Today, is the day I stand with toes at cliff's edge ~ knowing full well, that these wings shall be fashioned on the way down.

And I feel a 'down to my toes' kind of alive.

Oh, darling, I have such big dreams this day - dreams of the me I most wish to become.

I hope that you will take my hand and join me on my journey ~ as I would so wish to include the brilliance of your loving light.

Each one of you has inspired me.

Each one of you has helped me to believe.

Each one of you has given me just a little life's 'nudge.'

And,  I am so ever-grateful for this most amazing gift of your love.

And this life's leap that I take, it's all because of you.

Much love, and namaste ~ and here is my most amazing announcement.

Be You Media Group Launch on July 4th: Declaring our Independence.‏

As you all may well know, one of my greatest passions in this life is my writing. As a writer, this spark of creativity courses through every cell of my being. It is an unstoppable force that is the greater part of the better part of me. 

And, I live each moment of this life to inspire.

And now, I shall be partnering with several of this world's most incredibly creative...talented...crazy beautiful, loving spirits to launch a brand new media group.

This was a decision that came at a point in my life where I was literally standing at the crossroad. And, as I believe very strongly in these messages from the universe...I shall be following fate through to my destiny.

As such, I will no longer be writing for elephant journal - much as I love them, I will need to focus my energies and spirit where it will be most needed.

The blog/online magazine portion of this project is slated to launch on July 4th. If this resonates with what you are doing, welcome aboard and let me know how I can help, or how you would like to contribute.

If you read this and you're excited—great, let us know! If you read this and five other friends that are creating amazing things come to mind, let them know.

Cheers to declaring creative independence!

Much love, and namaste...

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