Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nuzzling Deeper Into the Soft Scented Earth.

“She thought herself awake when she was already asleep. She saw the stars above her face, whirling on their silent and sleepless axis, and the leaves of the trees rustling against them, and she heard small changes in the grass. These little noises of footsteps and soft-fringed wing-beats and stealthy bellies drawn over the grass blades or rattling against the bracken at first frightened or interested her, so that she moved to see what they were (but never saw), then soothed her, so that she no longer cared to see what they were but trusted them to be themselves, and finally left her altogether as she swam down deeper and deeper, nuzzling into the scented turf, into the warm ground, into the unending waters under the earth.”  ― T.H. White
I took the liberty of making a small change to this beautiful quote, and in order to bring it up closer to this present day.

Where I sit and ponder-wander myself in these fields, feeling those grass blades rattlings against my shoulder blades. 

We gals so very much love to notice those much smaller things—like nuzzling deeper into the soft scented earth.

Namaste, and much love this day ~