Monday, October 28, 2013

Who Were You Before the World Told You Differently?

I remember the day so clearly - one that I had long anticipated in my 8 very short years on this big spinning planet. It was the day in which my elementary school teacher, Mrs. Mowry, would be asking us all that one...most important question.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

We were each provided a small piece of construction paper, upon which to scrawl the fullness of our life's goals. And, while everyone else was already busy happily drawing pictures to accompany their dreams ~ I was still very much in the process of reflection.

I was a bit of an odd child growing up ~ as many of you have already come to understand. Thankfully, my parents and by the gift of all heavens, indulged my each and every odd-ball whim - helping to carefully shape the 'me' that I am today.

But, on this day ~ my parents weren't there to help guide my way through. On this day, I was left very much alone.

And, I very completely....absolutely...and frighteningly...stuck.

"How do I fit this all on one page?" I asked my teacher, who watched in amusement as I painstakingly attempted to fill each open space with the tiniest of print.

In one corner, I had printed 'actress' - and in the other, 'dancer.' To the left, and just shy of center...I wrote in a slightly embellished cursive, 'doctor.'

And in one perfectly formed arc against the top-most edge, and demonstrating not the very best of print-planning - I had written 'veterinarian.'

You see, my dears, I wanted to be all of those things.

And, I really believed I could, teacher, who had been watching this matter unfold, disapprovingly scowled, "My dear, you can't possibly be all of those things."

In one single moment, my spirit was crushed.

It took some years, and many wonderful moments with mentors and guides along the way - to finally right, this horrible wrong. To recalibrate my vision to include possibility. dears, no matter what, possibility always gets us through.

And so, today, and in memory of all of those many moments past - in which, our view of this world was displaced by the thoughtlessness of someone else's vision....I want you to take a minute to pause and reflect on this one simple question,

"Do you remember who you were, before the world convinced you otherwise?"

Because, this week we shall be working towards manifesting this...the truest essence of you, and the were most meant to be.

Much love, and many blessings, my dears... and I shall be eager to hear your stories today.