Friday, October 11, 2013

Whatever You Love, You Are.

"That sound in the brush?
A settling of wind in sorghum.

If they capture you, talk.
Talk. Please, yes. You heard me
right the first time.

You will be asked who you are.
Eventually, we are all asked who we are.

All who come
All who come into the world
All who come into the world are sent.
Open your curtain of spirit."

My dears, and who are you on this day?

What drives your spirit against all odds - and encourages that next step forward?

And, what is it that causes your heart to open, if only for just a bit - and just long enough for the light of this world to come in?

What takes the tempered tapping of falling rain against the window frame, and transforms it into one of life's most beautiful symphonies?

Or finds a brand new 'view' within a single drop of morning dew, and realizes - even this, is enough to 'wash' all the troubles of this world away?

What builds Faith from the ashes of heartache, and creates Compassion's space amongst the broken shards below?

What makes the spirit come alive in the span of one sweet, simple breath?

My dear, the answer is you.

And, this most beautiful truth - that is, whatever you love, you become.

Namaste, my most beautiful friends ~ and try to remember just this as you make your way through your day. You are very much, reflected in the world that surrounds you. 

So, if I may ask just once again - my dears, who will you be on this day?