Saturday, October 12, 2013

Becoming a Much Better You.

“When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.” ― Hélder Câmara

I was thinking over just a few things this morning, and in response to a message that I had received. You see, yesterday I posted an image of a young boy waiting outside the gates of our National Zoo, which I felt to be a sad statement of these most pressing political affairs.

Their message was quite simple, and designed to invoke a knee jerk reaction. Over the years, I have learned to recognize the intent behind words - some are born of craving, others of fear... but, always there is a most beautifully imperfect human needing something on the other end.

It's in these moments that we must most learn to let Judgement pass.

We must learn to recognize the need, and no matter what the circumstances may bring.

None of us are perfect, my dears. Our bodies littered with the scars of each life's challenge; the deep creases around our eyes, filled with the dust of a well worn path.

But, there is always a most beautiful light inside - and that light will wind endlessly until it find that one chink in our spiritual armor, and in order to make its way through.

I'm not sure if I have yet already shared, but...truth be told...I was a bit of an 'odd ball' growing up. As a small child I would spend countless hours toiling away in the woods. In those days, I believed the trees could hear my thoughts. Still do, to this day... trees are pretty magical in that way.

And, I always wished to take up for those who had not yet found their voice, or who found their own purpose, elusive. You see, even through my 8-year-old school girl eyes, I could see their hearts were so very much in need.

Not long following, I became a vegetarian - and much to the hushed gasps of my very-meat-eating family. I did so because I could very much see the spirit in those eyes looking back at me. Even at such an early age, I prayed I would not ever become so militant in my own views that I wouldn't be open to the views of others.

I'm 44 now - and not much of that has changed. Save, that I have the lessons of these years to help guide me - and the many blessings of loved ones to help me along this way.

My dears, we all have a story to share. But, more importantly, we all have a choice to be made, as well - that is a life spent in service to others, or a life spent in servitude to one's own ego.

So, which will it be?

It's so easy to react to these circumstances, to give in to our own emotion - but, in doing so we begin to close off the most beautiful parts of our soul...that awfully uncomfortable space between where vulnerability leads to self discovery.

And, in time, the ability to just let go.

My dears, sometimes we must hop off our horse - in order to gain a better view, and always to see into another's eyes.

It is somewhat ironic, now isn't it - that it's the holding on that keeps us from moving forward, from becoming that which we most wish to be...and creating a space for all hearts to grow.

Opening one's heart is never easy. We feel defenseless, and susceptible to the unsettledness of this world. It's clumsy and awkward and ill-fitting, at best.

But, how else is that most brilliant light to ever break through?

It seems the only thing to be gained by way of an uncompromising heart, is the restriction of a much more limited view. 

And, my dears...that simply just won't do, in the matter of becoming a much better you.

Namaste, my most beautiful friends ~ and, when we are presented with these moments...may we always see the human on the farthest, other end.

*blessing and peace* to all of you...