Monday, October 7, 2013

A Letter to My Son.

 “Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.” ~  J.K. Rowling
My dearest, most darling son...

Today is the day, my dear...the one in which we have waited for all of our lives - and the one in which I worried over for so many sleepless nights.

It's not always easy being a parent, but luckily...I had the blessing of children so rich in spirit and honor, that I dare say my job was made much easier. You were my single gift from all these heavens.

And, today I shall watch you walk alone onto this, your next path - and wondering, have I shared all the lessons and in just the right way?

As you were growing up, I worried over every scraped knee and every tumble and fall. And those late nights when the fever just wouldn't break? I sat alone in the rocking chair next to your crib ~ hoping I might find the secret to becoming the best Mommy ever.

And, oh I made so many mistakes ~ and there were always things that I had wished we might do, but circumstances left us only with those wishes yet in our hearts. And those are the wishes that helped us as we found our way through - forming a bond, like none this earth might ever have known.

My dear, you'll find in life the difficulties will make you stronger - that there is an indomitable strength of spirit that comes only by way of heart that won't give in.

This is our blessing, now isn't it? That in the end, and no matter what life's challenge - my dear, we decide what fate might bring. And, we decide the life we shall live...

Every minute, and every moment - is ours to determine. And even in the face of the most dire of circumstances ~ my dear, know always that the heart shall find its way.

And, all of those moments spent wondering if you'll ever be quite good enough? You'll find there shall always be some bright spirit to help you find the courage.

My dear, thank you for the gift of your bright spirit ~ and for helping a young frightened girl become a great Mom.

I love you... to the moon and back... and if there should ever come a moment when you feel alone, and not so certain of self... you'll need only to look to the stars, as my light will be shining down on you from above.

My dear, I am so very proud of you ~ for all that you are, and all that you've yet to become. And, may each new day be filled with the adventure you so very much have earned.