Wednesday, October 23, 2013

No Feeling is Ever Final.

"Let everything happen to you 
Beauty and terror 
Just keep going 
No feeling is final."

I'm fighting just a bit of a cold today ~ a subtle reminder that these seasons are forever changing.

And, as unsettling as it may seem, at times -  even a sniffly nose and scratchy throat may serve to remind us that we are, indeed, awake.

Certainly, this cough interrupts my ramblings, but only for a moment and just to say,
"Hey, you...remember, you're human. And, it's ok to take a break."
My dears, when we're able to approach life openly and with this level of care - we begin to realize, that all things - including our most annoying of neighbors - well, they all have something to share. And, when you think of it in this way - why, even the worst of it all takes on a profoundly new meaning.

When we can look past our immediate reaction, and through the complicated web work of our emotions, we'll find it - the answer to who we really are...

It's what we've been looking for, all along. And yes, sometimes these insights may come by way of a rather bothersome little cough...

But, in order to see, there's a choice to be made ~ do we open up and listen?

Or, forever turn away?

My dears, which to you choose today? Today, I choose - to stay.