Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dear Congress.

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” ~ Edward R. Murrow

Dear Congress ~

Get it together.

Your nation needs you, and for just this purpose. Now is not the time for political posturing, or meandering mutterings on - we must work together, for the people of this great nation to rise. The impacts of your impasse are most directly affecting those who have served selfishly over these many years, and at rates far lower than any of our counterparts.

We have devoted ourselves to one mission, that is - to ensure the American people can rest each night, with a most certain knowing that others will stand steadfast in their place.

There are no set hours for a job that never ends...and, forget about the recognition, that belongs further up the 'chain.'

We work in far less than favorable conditions, under a stress that none can ever know...

We are the silent sentinels...and guardians for this one true democracy.

And now, look... just look, at the example *you* are setting.

This nation was founded on one principle: that this government shall stand on behalf of the people.

And these people, are here now and begging for your help.

In this argument, there is no place for ego...for stubbornness...or fool hearty agendas.

And, there is only one time to act - and that time is now.

Get it together, Congress ~ your nation very much needs you.


Tara Lemieux