Monday, July 1, 2013

A Little Something On Believing.

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.” ~ Steve Maraboli

My dearest friend came to me just this other day, and me, at least..just a little discouraged.

We all have those moments when we struggle under doubt's massive shadow. But still, if we believe...we must find a way to go on.

And it's never really easy, isn't it ~ this 'trying to do the impossible'? And it's so very hard, I know...existing in that space between that which we know must be done...and that which we believe can be done.

These are the moments that define our very spirit. And they are the moments which most test our fears of continuing on.

Doubt challenges every sense of our being. But we must be strong to carry on.

At times, we may feel these moments are designed to break us ~ but, it's in that breaking that we discover one of life's most absolute truths, that is...

"Heartache makes the heart grow stronger."

It's in these moments, that our own resilience is born.

For those who'll still believe...even when doubt tries to convince us otherwise.

Poem: Solar Eclipse, Diane Glancy

Each morning
I wake invisible.

I make a needle
from a porcupine quill,
sew feet to legs,
lift spine onto my thighs.

I put on my rib and collarbone.

I pin an ear to my head,
hear the waxwing's yellow cry.
I open my mouth for purple berries,
stick on periwinkle eyes.

I almost know what it is to be seen.

My throat enlarges from anger.
I make a hand to hold my pain.

My heart a hole the size of the sun's eclipse.
I push through the dark circle's
tattered edge of light.

All day I struggle with one hair after another
until the moon moves from the face of the sun
and there is a strange light
as though from a kerosene lamp in a cabin.

I pun on a dress,
a shawl over my shoulders.

My threads knotted and scissors gleaming.

Now I know I am seen.
I have a shadow.

I extend my arms,
dance and chant in the sun's new light.

I put a hat and coat on my shadow,
another larger dress.
I put on more shawls and blouses and underskirts
until even the shadow has substance.