Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Little Something About Circumstance.

Photo: Gregory Colbert

"One tree can be made into a million matchsticks, but only one match is needed to ravish an entire forest." ~ Unknown

Our circumstances may change at any given moment, and what seems immediately an impossibility ~ in time, becomes our greatest gift.

I have often thought of this concept, particularly, as I face life's many challenges ~ trying my best to be mindful that time, energy, and circumstance are constantly changing...and our feelings resulting, are never permanent.

There are those who'll blame dumb luck or fate; as if either of these would hold any ill will towards us, at all.

And others, perhaps of a more spiritual in sort, would attribute their unease to karma...wondering what sequence of cause and effect brought these challenges to bare.

But dumb luck...fate...and karma, they knowing nothing of us. They know nothing of our heart or being.

"Does fire know us when it burns? No, it is the nature of fire to burn, to give out heat; our affair is to use it in the right way, we are foolish if we grow angry and blame it when it burns us because we have made a mistake."
My dears, all of these things in our life ~ as unpleasant as they may, at first, appear to be....they are all part of our 'spiritual settling in' ... causing us to grow in ways not ever expected.

Rather, these challenges, when approached with the right frame of mind ~ they become the very thing which empowers us.

My most beautiful friends, we alone are responsible for our happiness and misery; and we alone, create our own 'heaven and hell.'

And just as sure as the wind may at whim change its direction, so too, may our circumstances.

In this way, all of life, is a most precious and never-ending gift.

Namaste, my most beautiful friends...thank you for the gift of your patience these last few days.