Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why We Need Dogs.

'Nuff said...dogs, well...they're just *awesome*... and, MY pup knows when my heart needs just a little extra healing.

 When I came home from surgery, he literally wouldn't leave my side (not even for special treats).

Dogs love us unconditionally ~ without hesitation, or judgement...and, they don't hold onto things or worry about whether or not we've said 'just the right thing.'

No matter where we've been or how very long we've been gone...we can rest assured that they will be there, waiting for us to when we get home.

And, when we walk through that door ~ each time, it's like the very first time we've ever met.

We should love the whole world just like that—like a puppy loves it's human...what a most amazing world it might be then.