Saturday, April 13, 2013

Leave Room in the Garden.

Leave room in your 'garden' for the fairies to dance...
Set a place for them nearest your soul.
And set a spot for compassion, and kindness, as well...
And a corner for your inner light to glow.

Yes, we all must 'make room in our garden'—to hold a space for all of life's most wonderful things. And a spot for the people that we love most of all, and the joy that their presence can bring.

Sometimes, we can stand behind these 'walls' that we have placed in our world—through many years of learning, and pain.

We hide behind them and in order to shield us from harm, and in doing so—we keep the true joy and love of this world away.

namaste, my most beautiful friends...take time to clear a space in your garden, and I will meet you there, someday...with joy and peace and all of my love. And perhaps, we can watch those garden fairies 'dance'...