Saturday, April 27, 2013

8 Reasons Why Elephants are Way Super Cool.

1. Girl Elephants Rule. Elephant herds can vary in size between 5-1000 elephants—and, they are always led by the eldest female, the Matriarch.

2. Super Long Trunk Makes for Easier Water Consumption. Elephants drink about 80 liters of water per day—making my 1 liter pale in comparison.

3. Excellent Communicators. Besides mean, 'trumpety' sounds Elephants make when angry (grr) and that throaty grah-grunty sound they make 'just because'...Elephants communicate through 'infrasound'—a low frequency sound that oscillates at less than 20Hz cycles per second.This means that their 'voices' can carry over vast distances without ever being lessened by vegetation or other sound obstacles. This also explains why Elephant herds located a long way away from one another often move in a coordinated fashion.

4. The Kids Listen. That's because Elephants know how to enforce the 'rules.' And, each member of the herd helps to keep all the littler trunks in line—and without fear of EPS (Elephant Protective Services).

5. The Poop. It's not only massive, it's a multi-purpose sort of massive. You can make a house with it...keep a fire lit for centuries with it...but, did you know you can even make a pricey coffee drink out of it?

Black Ivory Coffee is created from a process whereby coffee beans are 'naturally refined' by a Thai elephant and sells for approximately $500 per pound.

6. OMG the Trunk. This most magnificent, multi-purpose monstrosity is comprised of over 40,000 muscles and tendons—making it the "Swiss Army Knife" of the animal kingdom. Elephants can use their trunks to take pick grab things from way high up in the swat use as a make-shift snorkel.

Trunks. Rock. Period.

7.  They Have a Flair for the Artistic. But, don't carry the "Crazy Diva" trait seen in most of their artistic human counterparts.

And finally, 

8. This, Just This.