Monday, April 8, 2013

Operation Bunny Rescue.

We had quite the adventure here today, and ironically occurring on the heels of a incredibly charged and much heated PETA 'debate.' Is killing really better than suffering the sight of an animal who is very much in need?

And as I settled in to sort out the mess, of my own mind and the 'what do I think's...when I heard these two bunnies in distress.

The little ones from my neighborhood gathered urgently on my steps, and asked me "What do we do?"

And as I looked down and into the eyes of these young babes, I could see the fear building in their eyes.

My editor Kate took a lot of heat today for offering that there must be another way, and in reference to the aforementioned 'debate.' But she stood firm, and steadfast in her beliefs and opinions—not knowing just how quickly they might resonate.

"We must always do the right thing," I offered to these kind little hearts—and I explained that we must try always to find the 'right' way. Within a few moments, the littlest one asked, "Is there some place we can take them where they will be safe."

I had to smile as I reflected on the back and forth 'barbs' in the PETA debate—the Universe always finds a way to send us its nudge...and the best we can do, is to open our hearts and listen.

Animals can't always communicate in a way that makes things easy, to tell us how best to proceed. But as humans, I think perhaps it's our job, to speak for them in each and every way.

So, today—and even though I was quite exhausted from my day—I did what was right...driving these two beautiful babies to the nearest animal almost 2 hour trip. But, in doing so these babies found a brand new and MOST magnificent home...and I made a great friend of the owner and founder. And she, has picked up a brand new volunteer.

Sometimes, the Universe works out in this way...

The 'right'...and very best way, possible.


A very special "thank you" to Frisky's Wildlife Rehab and Animal Sanctuary—a no-kill organization, dedicated to the 'right way.'

You can donate to them directly through this website - and as they are completely independently owned and operated, every little bit will certainly help.