Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Simple Buddhist Prayer.

I read this passage every morning, no matter how I may feel, and as I set my intention for the day.

It's a most simple reminder that we may all radiate kindness and love...with each and every step that we may take in our day.

And to each loving spirit we may meet, that we may hold this most beautiful space—a place where compassion resides.

And that we may wish all those who we may meet...that they be happy, that they be at ease...that they be free from all danger... but mostly, that they may all be loved.

You, my most beautiful friends, are most loved today. With every word I write, and I every challenge I face...I feel your loving energy.

Sometimes, it is that we may get a little too caught up in the 'white noise' of our lives...that these very simple concepts of being most human, are being gently nudged away.

Yes, you are just one person, but you are that one person with the power to help change this world...