Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Little Intermission.

I'm having a rather difficult time adjusting to new treatment; so, I hope it will be alright that I share things that make my heart smile (and I hope shall make your heart smile, as well.)

And, just as soon as I'm back on these two awfully goofy feet ~ I'll begin sharing my love once more and again.

This most beautiful butterfly to remind us all, that nature's hands hold for us these, the most beautifully unexpected things. They are nature's miracles, and lovingly hand-painted by our most wonderful Universe.

And when we are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of something this magnificent...we should pause a moment, to honor it.

Nature carries beauty carefully in its hands, and with always the purpose of sharing it.

The Dalai Lama, he inspires me, too. But not just because he's a supremely awesome spiritual leader, but rather, because he is proof positive that compassion can guide everything. When I listen to him, I realize that in one sense this is simply a man—and yet, he is one man who has changed so much. Because of this man, I realize that the power of one is an indomitable force...and one that resides within us all.

This crazy idea that we are all so very much connected—in some way our spirits, forever entwined. The energy that I feel, it's within you, too. And all and everything that surrounds and inspires me... it's part of my fabric, too. Feeling so very interconnected inspires me because—no matter what, I never feel alone...even on days when I rightfully should. And, it reminds me, as well, and on days like today—that when I'm weak, there is always something else there to hold me up.

And finally, my most wonderful elephant friends...because, they're awesome in ways I'm only just beginning to discover.

namaste my most beautiful friends. I'll be back soon...until then, *much* love and everlasting blessings... from my heart, and directly to yours.