Friday, April 19, 2013

A Monkey at the Market.

I stopped off to get some juice at the store today. 

While there, the * cutest* and *sweetest* of little boys, maybe only just about 5-6 years old...and who wasn't at all paying the very best of his little boy attention, when he inadvertently slipped his hand into mine.

It was the classic, "Mommy mix up" big deal. 

We walked around for just a moment or two before he finally realized his "faux pas"—looking up to me with the most kiddy-quizzical eyes, and exclaiming, 

"'re not my Mom!" 

Wanting to have a little fun with the moment (and hopefully to help offset his embarrassment) I replied, 

"Whoa...and you're not my smartly dressed helper monkey!" 

I don't think he knew what to say to this, as it was such a most very odd statement. I mean, to think a smartly dressed monkey who's the stuff to make a little boys head ache.

So...I helped him over to one of the store attendants, thinking they could make a lost mommy announcement over the loudspeaker. 

And, when this sweet little one was asked to describe his Mommy he said, 

"She gets lost kinda easy - but I think she's probably with a monkey." 

Life moments are so beautiful and brilliant, and most particularly when you're willing to play along. 

Have a little fun in this life...and especially with the littlest ones. They need a dose of wild imagination at times, to take away from the news of the day. 

p.s. - I love little ones ~ they make my heart smile big,

namaste, my most beautiful friends...your kindness, as well, makes my heart smile, too.