Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Most Perfectly Imperfect Scars.

I have lots of scars—and I am most proud of each and every one.

And as of late, these scars...they have become a much bigger part of me now—they are, my most perfect imperfections.

And, what used to make me cringe, and squeeze my eyes shut in disgust—it seems, has now become my 'badge of honor', and a reminder to be most grateful for

I am grateful for the sun, and the moon, and the stars—as they take turns lighting my path each day.

I am grateful to the gardens just outside my house—as they remind me to pause a moment to reflect, and to gaze at magnificence in a brand new way.

But, I am *most* grateful for the gift of this life—and I promise to not ever squander these moments, these 'gifts' the universe has brought my way.

*namaste* my most beautiful friends...we are all so magnificently and perfectly imperfect.

Never, ever, ever be ashamed of the scars you carry...because our scars are there to show us just how very much this life is worth living.