Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The True 'Cost" of One Single Moment.

What would you do if every day you were given $86, 400 to spend in any way that you might choose?

Would you invest in yourself? Or give it all away...? Or would you waste it on something you didn't need?

And what would you do if at the end of the day, you had to give back that which you didn't use?

I'll bet you would spend every single solitary cent—making sure that you put it to good use?

Every day we're given this most precious gift of 86,400 seconds—tiny fractions of a much larger moment...fragments, really, in a life that belongs just to you.

And yet, so many of us let these moments go to waste—as they slip silently away between the careless grips of our own fingertips.

But attach a price tag to the moments in your day—and not one would get away from us, 'unspent.'

I *love* this video—"Harlem Elvis"...just listen to the one minute wisdom he has to share. Simply subtle and most spectacularly brilliant.