Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Surround Yourself.

Tonight, as I reflect over some most very personal goings on in my life—and contemplate those next, most precarious steps...I am reminded of just a few of the smallest of things:

That we are all magnificent, in our very own way—so much so that our own presence inspires greatness. 

And yet, so many of us our unaware, or worse yet, blind to this light that shines so brightly and deeply from within.

We forget that it's this very light that provides us with purpose and strength; we underestimate the value that it brings. 

So as we move forward, this night and all nights yet to come, I ask only this...

That we may always and forever surround ourselves with those who's light may shine for us even when the darkness creeps in...

But most of all, that we may always find and surround ourselves with...those who are able to help us find our 'light within.'

We are all...so very...uniquely and magnificently brilliant—just like all those many stars that shine down from us from the heavens.

And, remember, always... just this, that our wounds are the place where the light can break in.