Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Believe without limitations, and then be in that limitlessness." (T. Lemieux - me!)

"Believe without limitations, and then be in that limitlessness." ~ T. Lemieux (that's me)

I had an interesting conversation just the other day, talking over life...and the details that life sometimes hides within.

And as we meandered around our 'this' and 'that's—and quite unexpectedly out of nowhere he asked me, "Tara, have you ever wondered what our lives would be" without all of that stuff within?

We tend to cling tightly to these notions of self—our own silly observations, grounded in nothing more than our simple insecurities or our fear of that which is not yet known.

Oh, and the work we put in, clinging tight to these visions—from everything we do, think, act, and all becomes a mirror to all our stuff that hides within.

When I was a little girl, I loved to walk in our woods. I would spend hours hovered over the side of the creek, letting the sunlight help me to find the most perfect rock. In my 6 year old mind, I had resolved there to be gold in that water—and when it glimmered, I would snatch it up tightly in my clenched little fist...making sure, no one else on this earth would ever dare to know my most recent discovery.

It's a little like that, isn't it? When we hold something so tightly within out clenched much so, that we aren't really able to see what's really there inside...until it is, that we finally are able to loosen our grip.

When we hold onto something so tightly, we become more interested in the 'holding on' than looking at the amazing discovery within.

Today, I let go of some of my own limited beliefs—and in doing so, had a most wonderful adventure today.

Because, what's the sense of holding on when it keeps us from discovering this magic of life.

So, ease up on that grip...and embrace your life's truest potential.

Never forget,

"The earth was once molten rock and now sings operas.” ― Brian Swimme
And you, my loves and most beautiful dears, are here to live that leading role.

namaste and so much love today...