Saturday, April 6, 2013

On Feeling Fear and Getting Up Once Again.

"Everyone in the world has gone to bed one night or another with fear or pain, or loss or disappointment And yet each of us has awaken arisen Somehow made our abolition's seen other human beings and said Morning, Hi How are You, Fine Thanks and You? It's amazing wherever that abides in the human being there is the nobleness of the human spirit Despite it all, black and white, Asian, Spanish, Native-American, pretty, plain, thin, fat, vowed or celibate, We rise." - Maya Angelou

Such brilliantly eloquent words shared to us by celebrated poet, novelist, and civil rights activist, Dr. Maya Angelou.

Indeed, all of us have gone to bed at times feelings so very much alone and overwhelmed; and yet, each day this indomitable piece of our spirit beckons us to once again greet a brand new day.

We have all fallen, at times—and each time, we have each once again risen.

Enjoy this most beautiful video of Professor Angelou reciting her 1978 poem, "And Still I Rise."

It is simply moving...beyond all words.