Friday, April 5, 2013

The Brilliance of Silence.

"Silence is sometimes the best answer." ~ Dalai Lama

Indeed, it is. 

I found myself yesterday, in just a small state of overwhelmed - my mind racing through the many millions of possibilities and 'what if' scenarios. And with each new path, these thoughts kicked up so many, many more emotions. 

And, when I found myself in this place of 'there's really no other place left to go' - I fell to my knees, and cried. I simply cried. 

And in that crying, it seems, I let everything go. 

I have always wondered why it is that we cry? Wondering over the human physiology of this emotional release, and perhaps even a few spiritual 'how's and 'why's. 

But, as I lay in a crumpled mess on my floor - and, in that moment of sniffling in my very next breath...I realized, just how very silent everything had become. 

And as awareness slowly slipped back into my spirit - the world around me came 'alive' once again. 

I could hear the tick-tock-clicking of my favorite wall clock...and the gentle snore of a little pup nearby. 

And with my next full breath, I heard... the birds fighting over the little bit of suet I had placed by my door... and the screech of the neighbor's little girl who had just 'discovered' her first worm... 

All of those little things, came to life again - with each new breath that I allowed to come in. 

And just right then, I realized.. that...

Perhaps, even this crying is just a way for my mind to become still again?  

Stillness speaks only when the mind is ready to listen.