Monday, April 1, 2013

Three Beautiful Souls.

Wow. Where to begin? Suffice to say, it has been a long weekend - and one marked by tragedy. Three beautiful young children were killed in an accident just a few steps from my house. In a small community, these things shake us to our core. I think about all the kids playing when they were much younger; I think about the dreams they must have had; but mostly my heart aches for those they have left behind, who don't yet know their way through this loss.

I read the paper this morning, still numb. And I read through the comments from the readers, not even from our community, who assume that these teens must have been up to no good.

All I can ask is that perhaps compassion might sit in judgement's place - because, that is what is most needed right now.

Tonight, I will be making my way over to offer whatever healing energy I am able to muster - to help those in need transition through this grief.

I would ask all of my readers to collectively send their healing thoughts, too.

namaste and all of my love...