Friday, September 20, 2013

The Supreme Treasure of One Human Life.


"This supreme treasure of a human life,
So long awaited, now at last attained!
Reflecting always thus, maintain your mind
As steady as Sumeru, king of mountains."

~ Shantideva, “The Way of the Bodhisattva"

I love this passage, as it is quite possibly one of my favorites ~ it is a most beautiful reminder of the truest value of one human life, 'so long awaited, now at last attained.'

But, what does this really mean?

My dears, often we go through this life continuously grasping ~ grasping for that which we believe may bring happiness, or, at the very least, alleviate our pain.

And yet, we are confused when this suffering remains.

We humans are a tricky sort, now aren't we? n our desperate pursuit of happiness...we cling.

We cling to this vanity drives us endlessly to perfection.

We cling to other people and things...feeling their presence may cause our hearts to be fulfilled.

And, when we have finally found our bliss...we cling to this, as well...fearful, that in one fell swoop even this might be taken away.  

In our pursuit of happiness, we reinforce the same silly habits that have caused us the most pain.

In our clinging to hope, we are robbed of the present moment. And, when we have finally found happiness...we spend all of our moments worried that it may soon be lost.

When does it stop?

"Reflecting always thus, maintain your mind as steady as Sumeru, king of mountains."

Sumeru, or Mt. Meru, is a most sacred mountain referenced in both Hindu and Buddhist teachings - it is long thought to stand at the intersection of all physical, metaphysical and spiritual universes. Can you imagine what it must be like to stand at Mt. Meru's peak?

But, my dears, no matter how loudly those winds may howl...nor how much bitterness the elements may reveal...know this, that the mountain never moves.

It's a reminder that when we are able to maintain a calmness of mind, much like Mt. Meru we will remain largely unaffected by our surroundings....nor, will any amount of chaos succeed at pulling us into its churn.

There is such a profound panic that comes by way of our clinging, I know. We grip so tightly to these last few threads, that we fail to notice the blood from our own fingers digging in..

And yet, it's only when we are able to let go...that this pain will finally end, and even our deepest wounds may heal. 

You see, my dears, it's the clinging, not the chaos, that offers space for pain to enter in...

And that, my dears, is where the 'treasure' begins...

Namaste, and much love on this day... may peace touch softly your every step.