Saturday, November 9, 2013

We Are Nothing Without the Something of Our Humanness.

There are moments so beautiful, simple words can do nothing to express the depth of their love...nor, the true magnitude of their meaning.

I had one of those such moments just this morning, and upon settling in to my day ahead. Oh, and it wasn't anything of great bother, you see - just a minute of feeling rather...well...uninspired.

I know what you're thinking, "Well, that's not such a bad thing, at all..." But, when you're a writing, creating sort like myself, uninspired can quickly turn to a squidgy sort of endlessness.

It's a finality we humans reserve for only the most special of occasions - and generally those which are blown so tremendously out of proportion.

You see, for so many years I felt had no voice, at all - or, at least, that is what I believed. I let moments pass, while self-consciousness held my tongue and fear nearly paralyzed my spirit. Isn't it ironic, that when we are young - we believe all things to be possible, allowing our dreams to model after only the finest of fairy tales?

And yet in any given instance...we can call headfirst into our very own brokenness.

From opened to closed in less than a blink....but, what's really changed from that moment to this?

I'd claim 'perspective, but surely there's more to it than this?

Maybe, these moments are intended to become our own 'spiritual catalyst'?

Perhaps, even these most difficult of bristly life bumpiness, can, in time, become our opportunity to give?
“I do not ask the wounded person how he feels, I myself become the wounded person.” ― Walt Whitman
Because, my dears...most most beautiful friends...we are nothing without the something of our humanness.

And maybe that's how we get compassion to 'stick'?

So, today - instead of feeling so very much overwhelmed by these troublings, why not take a moment to look for the gift in them, as well?

In mine? I found a most beautiful inspiration...funny how the universe sometimes works. 

 Namaste, my dears ~ and on this day, may we welcome all of our 'guests.'