Saturday, November 2, 2013

Danny and Annie: What True Love Really Means.

I have posted this before, but felt inclined to share it again. Sometimes, when the Universe asks you these things ~ it's best, just to listen.

It took me almost 44 years to learn just that ;)

So, this is the story of Danny and Annie - by far, one of my most favorite tales.

"Even downhill, a car doesn't run unless it's pushed," Danny reminds his wife, "And you've given me one hell of a push."

It's moments like these that define the essence of authenticity between two human beings. We all have this capacity to share in just this way, but for so many...the 'walls' keep us from connecting.

But imagine, just imagine...having this level of love in each and every single one of your days.

Can you imagine the fullness of breath within each and every moment...?

The story of their love will be making its way to PBS. I hope you may join me in watching.

"The groundbreaking public radio project StoryCorps will enter into the world of television for the first time with a series of animated shorts that will air on POV later this summer. In Part One, Brooklyn natives Danny and Annie Perasa reminisce about their 27-year love affair. Though he may not look the part, when Danny talks about his love for Annie, it’s obvious that he is one of the world’s great romantics. In Part Two, after nearly three decades of marriage, fatal illness dashed Danny and Annie’s hopes for a long life together. In an intimate and heartbreaking glimpse into a marriage, this animated short witnesses true love as it braves the finality of loss. (7 minutes"