Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Faith is Restored!

"We are not going, not without a fight." - Asean Johnson

When 9 year old Asean Johnson found out that his school, Marcus Garvey Elementary, was sadly slated for closure—he decided he wasn't going down with a fight.

In a bold toe-to-toe with Mayor Rahm Emanuel—former Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama—and, the 'appointed' members of the now infamous, Chicago Public School administration, Asean declared,
"Education is our Right. That is what we have to fight!"
And in doing so, this magnificent young man brought the entire crowd at this Chicago school closing rally to their feet. 

I am so very proud of this young man, for his passion...determination...and his courage. That on this day, in finding his heart—he stands before all of us fearless and unwavering.

This is what we fight for...we fight for that which we believe.