Saturday, May 18, 2013

If You Want to Live in Paradise.

“...The beauty and mystery of this world only emerges through affection, attention, interest and compassion; if you want to live in the paradise where happy mares and stallion live, open your eyes wide and actually see this world by attending to its colors, details and irony.” ― Orhan Pamuk, My Name is Red

There is a robin building a nest in the tree just outside my window this morning.

I have been watching for the last hour as she carefully selects the next bit of straw and string...back and forth, forth and back...weaving her new find in between each layer of softened fibers.

These are the best morning ever—when something as simple as looking out one's window in the morning yields a glimpse into a world you've not had the pleasure yet of ever knowing.

Paradise is there, you know—when we just take a moment to slow down, sip and breathe.

She's out there just outside your 'window' pane—beckoning you each day to come nearer.