Monday, May 20, 2013

A Little Something About Us Humans.

"All human beings most have as their point of origin a concern for people's welfare and a desire to contribute to human happiness. Otherwise, the human race will just continue to stumble aimlessly, from darkness into darkness. If this happens, what use to us then economics, politics, and culture? Everything depends on people , on their character, on the development of their humanity."

There is much to do in each day and for this world. And it has nothing to do with accumulation of stuff and of wealth. Neither does it concern one ego, or one self over the other.

It has everything to do with being present for others, of taking notice of their suffering - and of extending yourself in service to those whose hearts desperately need you.

Sadly we feeling in helping others we are causing ourselves to become more vulnerable. I suppose in a manner of speaking this is true ~ because, in order to be here help...and to truly love...means that we are opening our hearts to an unconditional exposure.

And sure, sometimes that can be a bit of an unsettling adjustment...but, I promise you in the end it's fully worth it.

In helping others, I am helping myself.

In loving others, I become love.

And when it is that we may all "become love"...well then, won't this planet be so much better off because of it?

Namaste my most beautiful friends ~ today, my self and my love extend to you.