Monday, December 30, 2013

The Buddhist and the Little Brown Fox.

"None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we trust. Because we have Faith.”― Paulo Coelho

I saw a brown fox along the trail this evening, his leg mangled by the trappings of ‘modern’ man.

The moonlight cast his shadow long against the base of my favorite old oak tree , and causing him to appear so very much larger than life.

I thought at first, that he might just run away – certain that all humans were very much the same. But instead, he stayed – gently sniffing the air as if kindness had a fragrance all its own.

Stillness filled the space between us – two gentle spirits trying desperately to understand this quandary of humanity. And I, the softhearted fool that I am…tossed aside all of my Mother’s stern (and most terrifying) warnings, just to see if I might be able to help.

I was still a good 4 feet away, when I knelt down before him – closing my eyes, and reaching forward a rather unsteady hand.

Perhaps, in a way, I was hoping he might push aside a few of his Mom’s ‘most terrifying’ stories, as well…and simply so that this human might help him to heal.

How frightening it must have been for him…alone in the woods, and suddenly terribly injured. I suppose we have all felt this way once or twice ourselves.

I can’t describe fully what happened next, but before I knew it…I had a fuzzy little fox head resting comfortably in my lap – proving faith can find its way along just about any dark, wooded trail.

My dears, these are the moments when my heart is most clear – when I can see beyond hesitation, to know my true purpose here.

To some, it may be to simply rescue an injured fox – and to others, perhaps it’s to help restore faith in humanity once again.

My dears, I believe we all have a much greater purpose in this life – revealed to us in these moments, when least expected.

And all it really takes is a little scrunching of the eyes, and a hand reached forward to realize just what that purpose may be.

Namaste, my loves…and may we always be mindful of the little ones that we are blessed to meet along the way.